Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ron Asheton R.I.P. (1948-2009)

At 60.

I know I'm about a month late when I read it in the Rolling Stone.  What can I say, I live in a cave. "SHIT!"  that's what I said as I turned to the page with Iggy Pop's tribute on it late last night--effectively waking my roommate.

This is really bad news.  I've seen the Stooges 4 times now.  In fact, I just saw them a few months ago.  I don't think I willingly passed up an single opportunity to see them live.  From 1969 and up ALL of the generations of rock music I listen to are all inherently influenced by Ron's guitar playing--myself included.  

Even with his minimalistic playing I was never happy with the results when covering a song like No Fun.  Perhaps I have to hit the other A chord.

No one did it better and no one ever will.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Mick Harvey (former) Bad Seed

All sorts of bad news lately.  All in how you see it, really.  

Mick Harvey:  An honorable person and artist.  I'm sure his reasons are for the best.  He's been involved in with the Bad Seeds since the beginning (about 25 years) and has been involved, and all-over, some of my favorite all-time records.  Leave us not forget those Birthday Party records, hmm?!?!  

Do check out his solo work.  All of it is a good start.



Below is a post from the Bad Seeds about it:

Mick Harvey, one of the founder members of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, announces he is leaving:

For a variety of personal and professional reasons I have chosen to discontinue my ongoing involvement with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. After 25 years I feel I am leaving the band as it experiences one of its many peaks; in very healthy condition, and with fantastic prospects for the future. I'm confident Nick will continue to be a creative force and that this is the right time to pass on my artistic and managerial role to what has become a tremendous group of people who can support him in his endeavours both musically and organizationally. It was a fantastic experience to finish my touring days in the band with the recent shows in Australia and the unique events that took place in conjunction with All Tomorrow's Parties, especially Mt. Buller, which was one of the many highlights of my involvement with the band throughout the years. I shall continue working on the Bad Seeds back catalogue re-issues project over the coming year and look forward to the new opportunities I shall be able to accommodate as a result of my changed circumstances.

Mick Harvey, 22nd January 2009