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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds @ MSG’s WAMU Theater 10/4 2008 (Finally!)

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When I saw the Bad Seeds back in 2003, Nick parted ways that evening with these last words of death: "See you in 2 years." A phrase that was to surly haunt me. And sure enough it did. 2 years came. 2 years went. it wasn't until double that time came to pass that I had a chance to see Nick with Grinderman(his side project with half his usual band)play just last year, opening for the White Stripes @ MSG. I really hate that venue for music. I love the White Stripes but I really got the tickets for Grinderman. I couldn't have been farther away from the stage in my seats. And while my nose was bleeding all over myself I couldn't help but notice that I was sorta surrounded by other Nick Cave fans--who probably sprung for tickets the same way I did when I found that Nick was asked to support the show, and only a few weeks in advance. Grinderman only played 2 shows in the US, period.

Aside from the Grinderman record, a B-sides box set, and 2 other records(including 1 double record, among other things)went almost completely unsupported this side of the pond. So, needless to say, I've waited quite a while to see those Bad Seeds again(5 Years!).

As for the show, Nick was GREAT! And I wouldn't put it past him not to be. He played more off the new one(get the NEW one)than I initially remembered, 2 off the last one(Get ready for Love, Orpheus). nothing off Nocturama. From No More Shal We Part--Love Letter! God is in the House (both slightly UP versions). The usual classics, Tupelo, and the one about the electric chair(the Mercy Seat). He threw in a fantastic updated version of Hard on for Love(another old one). and closed it with the very typical Stagger Lee.

... He also played Henry's Dream, Deanna(always a fav--nodding to Bonni and Clyde),Red Right Hand(with Mick Harvey simulating those organ solos with his guitar--also without that set of percussions once amassed to one side of the stage--they had 2 drum kits instead, and smaller percussions), and happily played the Weeping Song without Blixa (obviously). Blixa, who left the band via E-mail the day before I saw them in 2003 for full time in his original Industrial band. He was replaced very quickly--yet he is still loved--even though he seemingly did very little(and in that defence he could be considered a Minimalist as he displayed alot of the small textures that you otherwise wouldn't notice).

Blixa's replacement was replaced by Warren Ellis(so no extra guitar player this time). If you remember him during Grinderman, he was playing that very tiny electric guitar looking thing. I believe, since he's always amplifying and distorting that snake moaning violin of his, and playing it like a guitar, I figured his new toy is tuned like a violin and plays that instead on a few numbers. And, of course, when introduced, you bet his back was turned to the audience, not unlike many other occasions.

I'm just starting to like the new record, a lot, you see... New songs played included: Dig Lazarus Dig, Today's Lesson, We Call upon the Author to Explain, Midnight man, Albert Goes West, and possibly opened with Jesus on the Moon, Dig was 2nd. Making that a 18 song set(21 in 2003). Isn't that short? But I'm not complaining--Goodness NO-wave! I guess some of the songs are long ones. I'm amazed how I remember all this. I guess it's still fresh in my head--How often does Nick come around anyway?

Too short, but great show! Noisily GREAT! (Finally!)

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