Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Gimme Moe Tucker!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Gimme Moe Tucker! Current mood: nostalgic Category: Music
She's so cute! Yes, I went record shoppin' the other week and came across Dogs Under Stress by Moe Tucker. I've been looking for anything by her ever since I heard she did solo work. AND YES, it does start off with that formiliar VU sound--After Houres, amoung one or two other VU songs she's sings, is expanded to new songs and some sweet covers, ie. Danny Boy and (I guess its a 50's song) Poor Little Fool.
Did you know she lives in Savana GA. and Mothered 5 children?
Now you do, check her out here and here. (here) (and here)
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Monday, January 29, 2007

Holy Jesus And Mary Chain!!!

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I NEVER thought this would ever happen! This is the most exciting thing that has happened since the Pixies reunion(and I thought that would never happen either, but it did!)

Last night I found out that the Jesus And Mary Chain are reuniting. Holy Hell! Nice job, completely caught me off guard on that one! In the summer of 2002 I went to Italy for a month. During my stay I got heavily into them and bought up most of their records, never realizing that they had been largely out of print back home. And I didn't find that out until shortly before the reissues late last year. Also in 2002 I went to Ireland(after Italy, of course) and had the chance to see Freeheat perform, but sadly that did not come to pass. But perhaps you are considering the Coachella Festival this year as it is the Chain's only scheduled performance... as of yet.

Make way for your favorite noize pop band!

And while I'm at it why don't I throw in that the Meat Puppets are also reuniting... Both Kirkwoods, new tour, new record.

sit down. breath.
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Monday, December 25, 2006

How do you feel?

Kinda sad...

RIP: James Brown (1933-2006)

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Save Tom Waits Orphans!

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Merry Christmass everyone! I got this!


P.S. Do note the 2 Ramones covers! (they are in bold)
Tom Waits: Orphans

BRAWLERS01. Lie To Me 02. LowDown 03. 2:1904. Fish In The Jailhouse05. Bottom Of The World06. Lucinda07. Ain't Goin' Down To The Well08. Lord I've Been Changed09. Puttin' On The Dog10. Road To Peace11. All The Time 12. The Return Of Jackie and Judy 13. Walk Away14. Sea Of Love15. Buzz Fledderjohn16. Rains On Me

BAWLERS01. Bend Down The Branches02. You Can Never Hold Back Spring03. Long Way Home04. Widow's Grove05. Little Drop Of Poison06. Shiny Things07. World Keeps Turning08. Tell It To Me09. Never Let Go10. Fannin Street11. Little Man12. It's Over13. If I Have To Go14. Goodnight Irene15. The Fall Of Troy16. Take Care Of All My Children17. Down There By The Train 18. Danny Says 19. Jayne's Blue Wish20. Young At Heart

BASTARDS01. What Keeps Mankind Alive02. Children's Story03. Heigh Ho04. Army Ants05. Books Of Moses 06. Bone Chain07. Two Sisters08. First Kiss 09. Dog Door10. Redrum11. Nirvana12. Home I'll Never Be13. Poor Little Lamb14. Altar Boy15. The Pontiac16. Spidey's Wild Ride17. King Kong18.

On The RoadWhen I was small I always thought that songwriters sat alone at upright pianos in cramped smoky little rooms with a bottle and an ashtray and everything came in the window blew through them and came out of the piano as a song…and in a weird way that is exactly what happens.What's Orphans? I don't know. Orphans is a dead end kid driving a coffin with big tires across the Ohio River wearing welding goggles and a wife beater with a lit firecracker in his ear.At the center of this record is my voice. I try my best to chug, stomp, weep, whisper, moan, wheeze, scat, blurt, rage, whine, and seduce. With my voice, I can sound like a girl, the boogieman, a Theremin, a cherry bomb, a clown, a doctor, a murderer…I can be tribal. Ironic. Or disturbed. My voice is really my instrument. Kathleen and I wanted the record to be like emptying our pockets on the table after an evening of gambling, burglary, and cow tipping. We enjoy strange couplings, that's how we got together. We wanted Orphans to be like a shortwave radio show where the past is sequenced with the future, consisting of things you find on the ground, in this world and no world, or maybe the next world. Whatever you imagine that to be. If a record really works at all, it should be made like a homemade doll with tinsel for hair and seashells for ears stuffed with candy and money. Or like a good woman's purse with a Swiss army knife and a snake bite kit.Orphans contains songs for all occasions. Some of the songs were written in turmoil and recorded at night in a moving car, others were written in hotel rooms and recorded in Hollywood during big conflamas. That's when conflict weds drama. At any rate these are the ones that survived the flood and were rescued from the branches of trees after the water's retreat.Gathering all this material together was like rounding up chickens at the beach. It's not like you go into vault and check out what you need. Most of it was lost or buried under the house. Some of the tapes I had to pay ransom for to a plumber in Russia. You fall into the vat. We started to write just to climb out of the vat. Then you start listening and sorting and start writing in response to what you hear. And more recording. And then you get bit by a spider, go down the gopher hole, and make a whole different record. That was the process pretty much the last three years.Then we met Karl Derfler, a wizard engineer who works at Bay Side Studios in Richmond, CA, in the science fiction part of town. A battlefield medic, he did a Lazarus on a number of the songs and recorded all the new material.On Orphans there is a mambo about a convict who breaks out of jail with a fishbone, a gospel train song about Charlie Whitman and John Wilkes Boothe, a delta blues about a disturbing neighbor, a spoken word piece about a woman who was struck by lightening, an 18th century Scottish madrigal about murderous sibling rivalry, an American backwoods a cappella about a hanging. Even a song by Jack Kerouac and a spiritual with my own personal petition to the Lord with prayer…There's even a show tune about an old altar boy and a rockabilly song about a young man who's begging to be lied to. I think you will find more singing and dancing here than usual. But I hope fans of more growling, more warbling, more barking, more screeching won't be disappointed either.Tom WaitsAugust 2006Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards is a spectacular musical journey, which visits most every genre of American song tradition.The diverse 56-song, 3-disc collection captures the full scope of Tom Waits' shamanic powers as a vocalist, literary lyricist, romantic melodist, innovative arranger and pioneer of sonic worlds.This deluxe limited edition release, written and produced by Waits and his longtime collaborator and wife, Kathleen Brennan contains 30 new and never before heard recordings, plus rare songs taken from collaborations with artists in film, literature and music—complete with a 94-page handmade booklet of lyrics and rare photos. The set, which took over three years to compile and record, is grouped by genre with songs guaranteed to move and shake the heart, the body, the mind and most unquestionably the soul.Each of the CD's are separately arranged and sub-titled – "Brawlers," "Bawlers" and "Bastards" to encapsulate the full range of Waits' nomadic scope of musical styles.Brawlers is packed with full throated juke joint stomp, boogies and riotous blues. It's roadhouse Waits,..He chugs, whistles and screams. It's primal steaming surreal blues. He channels the Stones, Beefheart, Muddy Waters and T-Rex. One new one, "Low Down" is raw garage rock with Waits' 20 year old son, Casey on drums and San Francisco's white trash blues icon, Ron Hacker, on guitar.Bawlers – Lonesome ballads about the sadness at the end of the road are framed by tender songs of innocence and green hope. The plaintive hill country laments of, "Tell It To Me" and the cautionary tale, "Fannin Street" blend poignantly with saloon songs of betrayal and despair ("The World Keeps Turning") Celtic waltzes and bitter cabaret torch songs like, "It's Over" and "Little Drop Of Poison", all of which explore what the heart gives and what it takes away.Bastards – explores the strange and unusual side of Waits, who is peculiar by nature. Contained here is experimental music and scary tales. There are uncategorizable diversions into this dark side. It tunnels beneath the city with spiels, rants, mouth rhythms, including a poignant reminiscence of car ownership, a Ramones cover and a version of Daniel Johnston's, "King Kong," a disturbing bedtime story,(not for children faint of heart),and a poem by Charles Bukowski. It has insects, murder, drowning and insanity. Or as ma says, the full dinner menu.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Black Christmass (Frank Black)

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Well if that don't beat all! Yet, nothing traditional in the Christmas sence. Just "wintery" type songs, sad , and the like. None-the-less, I'm sold!
But you'll have to order yours, take a look.
P.S. Notice the 2 S's on ChristmasS. No, that's no typo!
Have a Merry Christmas, with Frank Black!
This release is comprised of live Frank Black acoustic recordings from Summer 2006, along with five studio tracks recorded partly in hotel rooms and partly at Planet of Sound studios in Hartford, Connecticut. The set also features a DVD (NTSC format) with selections from one of the live acoustic shows and the whole things features seven new songs in total. The project was produced by longtime Pixies' camp member Myles Mangino. While the CD/DVD may one fine day be distributed to retail outlets, it is currently available as an exclusive to and cooking vinyl's online store....
CD Tracklisting
1. Do What You Want Gyaneshwar2. Bullet3. I Burn Today4. Wave of Mutilation5. Living on Soul 6. She's My Way7. Massif Central8. Where is My Mind9. Raiderman10. Demon Girl11. Dead Man's Curve12. Cactus13. Six Sixty Six14. Radio Lizards15. Don't Get Me Wrong16. All Around The World 17. Nadine 18. Manitoba19. The Water20. Outakes/The Shrimp Song
DVD Tracklisting
1. Brackish Boy 2. I Burn Today 3. Cactus 4. Nadine 5. Holiday 6. Sing for Joy7. Dead Man's Curve8. California Bound 9. Ed is Dead 10. My Life is in Storage 11. Two Reelers 12. Whiskey in Your Shoes

VIOLET: I know you too well, I know how picky you are about questions. I am under a lot of pressure here!
FRANK: Don¹t worry about it, Honey. I¹ll walk you through it. Plus, it¹s only for mail, its the holiday season. This should just be about us having fun.
VIOLET: Okay do you think the record turned out? Do you have a favorite track?
Frank: I think the record turned out great! I¹ve resisted all of this laptop technology for so long now, but I have to admit, it really made things convenient for us out there on the road. recording in the hotel rooms was especially a treat. I really enjoyed recording ³Radio Lizards². Its about the strangest recording I¹ve ever done.--just voices. Lots and lots of voices.. Singing about the haunting road of the troubadour... fellow troubadour Mark Mulcahy really helped out on this one. He sings like a beautiful woman.
Violet: Having seen many of your acoustic shows this summer, I feel that this record really captures the essence of the live acoustic Frank Black experience. What do you get out of hearing the live tracks now?
Frank: Well gee, Violet, I'd have to say, I really get a kick out of finally getting to hear what some of the audience members are yelling at me, because I find it very hard to focus on these comments during a show. people are funny.
Violet: ...and you can be quite funny, too, when you¹re up there, just you and your guitar. Were you a stand up comedian in a past life?
Frank: Well, comedians are troubadours, too. Remember that one time when we saw Eddie Izzard having coffee in Portland?
Violet: Yes! except that I wasn't there. You called and rubbed in in my face.
Frank: Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot.
Violet: Let¹s talk about the title. for a moment, Frank.
Frank: My father always encouraged me to one day put out a Christmas album. which I always found a bit strange, since he was a self-declared pagan. but, I guess by 'Christmas' he meant winter. And it always sort of bothered me that that extra 's' got dropped off of Christmas.
Violet: Merry Christmass, then, Frank.
Frank: And a Happy Green Man to you, Darling
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Thursday, December 14, 2006

the Stooges! Current mood: anxious Category: Music

So, I may be slightly behind on this bit of news, but... It's about fucking time! Go ahead, you can freak out now, but you'll still have to wait til March. Is it worth the wait? You bet yer sweet ass it is!
Stooges Sounding Like Themselves On Reunion Album
November 20, 2006, 2:50 PM ET
Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.
Iggy Pop and the Stooges have just wrapped their first studio album since 1973. The as-yet-untitled disc is due in March via Virgin and was recorded with engineer Steve Albini at his Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago. Bassist Mike Watt filled in for the late Dave Alexander, while Brendan Benson contributed vocals to "Free and Freaky."
"The one thing that kind of amazes me is that it sounds like us," Pop tells "But it doesn't sound quite like 'Fun House,' 'Raw Power' or our first one. You put it on, and right away, you'd know, well, that's them. There they go." The 16-track set will feature such songs as "Trollin'," "ATM," "You Can't Have Friends," "My Idea of Fun," "The Weirdness" and "Greedy Awful People."
After songwriting sessions at Pop's Miami cabin earlier this year, the group hit the studio and tracked nearly everything live "except for two vocals, which I f****d up," says Pop. "The guitar overdubs are confined to leads or a very audible melody counterpart, or a rhythmic answering part. There's no quadruple-tracked rhythm stacks or any of that crap."
"At times, [the songs have] a lot of going for the fences," he continues. "But there's a great deal of structure and attention to detail. We were very prepared, and we always have been any time we stepped into a studio. Even the song 'L.A. Blues, the last cut on 'Fun House,' was pretty much exactly what you would have heard if you'd seen us live the week before we recorded it."
Pop admits being in the studio with the Asheton brothers after a three-decade hiatus rekindled some bad memories of the band's demise. "Some of it is exciting and some of it is scary, and I don't care to go over there," he says. "But at the end of the day, I know these guys. I don't know anybody else quite that way."
The Stooges will master the album at London's famed Abbey Road Studios next month while in the United Kingdom to perform at the Nightmare Before Christmas festival. A spring tour is being lined up, including a March 17 show at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. The group is also on the ballot for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next spring, and Pop promises to do "something really f***ing cool" if the Stooges make the grade.
So what has changed since the Stooges' heyday, when Pop was known to carve himself up with shards of glass and antagonize the audience? "We have a civilized aspect to us now," he chuckles. "I mean, a lot of my life is lived as an elderly gentleman of means. And that suits me just fine. But then there's the other part..."
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Friday, August 25, 2006
Frank Black (solo) 8\19 Category: Music
The Frank Black solo show went great! I was at the 2nd(late) show. It was at Southpaw in Brkln and it was pretty unreal. He pretty much plays and sings with the same energy, only he did it without any backing band. Try being 5 feet from that!

Though he offered completely re-arranged versions of Wave and Cactus, my only complaint was that he played a quite a bit out of Teenager Of The Year. Probably because those songs used lots of chords and changed to the point where it didn't sound the same at the end than when the song began. Not that they are bad songs but he did a lot of that when I saw him in 1998 at Tramps(RIP, fuck you Giuliani!) And in addition to performing Cactus he played the same two Pixies tunes he always plays when solo(wave and here i am with my hand) Back in 98 some one yelled out "Veloria!" to witch Black turns to his newly dubbed Catholics and replies, "Yeah, we'll play that one... We'll play it tomorrow!" very funny, a little Black humor, if you will... Anyway, moving on...

Anyone who picked up Honeycomb or the new one looking for new pixies stuff, this person was a complete moron!(sorry if this is you) but anyone who is familiar with Frank's current solo stuff or had done any prior reading knew that Honeycomb and Faster Man..Rider Man where going to be a cuntry records. Yes, I know, people tend to be 50..50 with cuntry music, you either loved it or you hated it. The Complete Ass behind me at the Pixies show(at the Hammerstein)who couldn't shut-the-fuck-up about anything made it very very clear that he didn't like Franks country stuff. Dog In The Sand was a little hard for me to get into at first, but when i did... that and the following 3 records where all good!After the show I soon realised how easily we got back to my friend's place by just walking it. It was rather funny because we where drunk, so 'walking' was an overstatement. My friend(we'll call him John)attempted to pay for his ticket in beer... had i gone through with that, it would have been death by poison for sure! Needless to say we did not succeed.

that's all i've got!


P.S. And for your viewing pleasure I bring to you:
Frank Black on Vinyl Justice
.. width="425" height="350"> src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350">..>
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Friday, August 18, 2006
M. Ward, Jenny Lewis, Frank Black Category: Music
Very quickly: a blog!

To the lot of you! do check out M. Ward. if you don't already know who he is, he's quite good. he's got a new record out the 22nd(NEXT WEEK!) and for good measure, the m. ward produced Jenny Lewis(of Rilo Kiley)solo record i am currently obsessed with is really quite amazing and smart and wonderful as well. go see! go see! they are up on my friend's space at the bottom. I'm going to see both of them live soon over the next few months.

but first, tomorrow i get to see Frank Black, of pixies fame(need i explain?), perform solo acoustic at southpaw.

that's all I've got!



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Friday, July 21, 2006
Meat Puppet Current mood: happy Category: Music
So, last night I went to see Curt Kirkwood perform an acoustic set at the mercury lounge. It was great, I loved it! He's really one of my favorite music heroes in many rights, a real punk legend in my book... and probably in many other books at that! And you may have guessed it, the 2nd guitar was Elmo Kirkwood, Curt's son of 22 years. Thus sort of reinventing the Kirkwood duo of later years. Elmo, however , only played his guitar and did not provide that trademark Meat Puppet harmony that we love so dear. Fear not, this was remedied, quite well, by the bar room chorus of the crowd... namely me! New songs from his new solo effort 'snow' and plenty of old favorites, some accompanied by banjo--Best version of 'plateau' I've herd yet!
The show ended with everyone still yelling "MORE MORE", but it was no use, they picked up their guitars and effects pedals, then up and left. On my way out i noticed that Kurt was behind me on his way out, and i said to myself, "oh, what the heck." and i did something I really never do... "Say, Mr. Kirkwood, would you sign my cd for me?" "sure.", he said. I could tell he was in sort of a hurry, but he was very nice. Yeah, and i felt like a total cheese ball too. but hey, so what if i am! I then proceeded home, quite happy.
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Tuesday, July 18, 2006
Thank you! Current mood: chipper Category: Friends
I wanted to thank everyone who bothered to send me all thoes lovely birthday wishes! Yes, Thank you, I felt all mushy inside.
P.S. if you're reading this, it's probably due to you're subscription to my blog. witch means those of you who haven't should do so already.
P.P.S. Thanks again everyone! I did infact have a good day!
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