Friday, February 22, 2008

Daniel Johnston @ Highline Ballroom 2/21 2008

I just started seeing shows again.

I'm usually the guy with an extra ticket. I didn't get a ticket for Daniel Johnston, but I didn't want to miss the show either. So I thought I'd just show up and either buy one(chancy)or I'd buy one off someone. WRONG! Little did I know that there would be an already established Stand-by line. Met some kid named Tim at the end of it. Doors at 7, it was already 8! About, 40 mins later it started to get colder. Thought I'd be fine as long as I could still feel my feet. Guy to the right in a hoody... MISTAKE! He was getting text updates from a friend inside, "The opening act is on!" Getting colder. Little by little people start bailing out of the line, mostly from the wrong end. Even colder, also wind. It's well after 9. The man at the door with the little heater next to him, his only instruction for us is "Stand by." I seem to remember that I missed seeing the Fall at this venue, something that I kick myself for form time to time. Guy on the right reads a new text, "Daniel is going on, like now!" Stand-by line was getting a bit flustered. I was surprised that I haven't felt the affect of skipping dinner to buy 15 mins for the train from Westchester. I get a phone call, it's my brother and not my friend who is inside, who's spare ticket was spoken for. "Stand by!" Starting to lose feeling in my toes... And what's with these kids in hoodies?!?! Do they WANT to DIE?!?! New text, "Daniel is on and I don't think they're gonna let anyone else in." Looks grim, a few more people bail the line, still wrong end. "Stand by!" We fantasise about cutting limbs of the nearest tree and setting it ablaze, as we a do a new dance called "The Big Freeze!" Just then, a sign of life! Man comes out, "You can get mad but we only can let 25 of you in." They start the count. The venue is attached to a Western Beef, a grocery store, a WARM grocery store, that we all avoided to not miss out on what could ultimately happen seconds later. It would be the first place I go to remedy any current ailments; food, warmth, beer, something heavy to hit things with... 24, 25! It was 9:40--Tim was number 25, and I was ahead of Tim!

They corralled us up to the balcony. Danny was playing the end of his first solo set. Then introduces his college buddy for his guitar accompaniment. That was a nice set. THEN, they come out with the band and start off with Speeding Motorcycle. Different from last time, upright bass, the keyboardist was good but a little sloppy. It was a much bigger band set-up. As a whole, the band did some nice things but fell apart around Daniel a couple of times. It was a very good show though. Daniel is a pretty amazing person. He's prolific, and consistently good! I was only lucky enough I found a decent place to stand.

I'm still waiting for a new record!

Here's some clips of what the band sounded like:

"Speeding Motorcycle"
"True Love Will Find You in The End"
"Rock and Roll Ega"

"Mean Girls" (without band)

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